BRAVE - Eyeforce


The story of a blind skateboarder

The film about blind skateboarder Tommy Carrol that went viral. Tommy has been completely blind since the age of two, when he lost his eyes to bilateral retinoblastoma (cancer of the retinas). After picking up skating at the age of 10, he now relies on his highly developed sense of hearing and visualizes the world through the way the sound of his wheels resonate.

The video is part of the “Be Brave, Be Safe” campaign led by Amsterdam-based consumer safety organization VeiligheidNL in partnership with Dutch sportswear company Perry Sport.  It includes Carroll talking about how important protective gear is to him as a skateboarder. It means the world to him because it makes him feel comfortable enough to fall as he tests out new tricks.

Client: Veiligheid NL / Perry Sport
Agency: The Odd Shop

Director: Arthur Neumeier
Cinematography: Arthur Neumeier & Rakhal Heijtel