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Red Bull - Shaping Jordy Teaser

Shaping Jordy Teaser

For the first time in 10 years, surfer Jordy Smith is home in South Africa for the winter. He hits the road with free-surfing style master Mickey February and this is what they found.

An Iconic Agency Production (
Featuring: Jordy Smith, Mikey February, Graham Smith, Jason Ribbink
Directors: Tim Weyer, Dane Staples
Executive Producer: Keane Balt
Producer Kirby Kruger
Production Assistant: Baneka Kene
Cinematographers: Josh Rowe, Dane Staples, Paul Daniel
Water Cinematographer: Paul Daniel
Photographer: Anthony Fox
Water Safety: Dale Staples
Creative Director: Andrew Kirkby
Post-Production Manager: Matthew Reeler
Offline Editors: Andrew Kirkby, Dylan Wrankmore, Chulu Ratsibe, Tim Weyer, Herman Du Toit
Online Editor: Dylan Wrankmore
Colourist: Dylan Wrankmore
Sound Design & Final Mix: Hannes Burger,

Red Bull Media House

Executive Producers: Angela Illing, Louis Raubenheimer, Helge Zirki
Production Managers: Poppy Ross, Gemma Serra
Production Team: Borja Irastorza, James Ranson, Josh Enslin
Music: Retro Dizzy - Feel Alright
Retro Dizzy - Rapid Fire
Black Math - Why Skeleton
Coast - Interlude
The Plastics - All I Really Want
PHFAT - The Whip
PHFAT - Suedes (Instrumental)
Tall Thief - Daydreaming
Tall Thief - Heaven Is A Place I Know

Special Thanks:
SMTH Shapes
Smith Family
Swell Eco Lodge
Cheron Kraak
Villa Sol
Holmes Family
Burger Family
We Love Jam Studios